Website builder

Easy to use website builder and CMS solution for travel companies

Customizable platform to create your website

Create a beautiful engaging website using your own brand and design, allow your team to easily manage the content and make changes.

Highly customizable and powerful content manager (CMS)

Our solution is highly customizable and contains a powerful CMS that allows you to create simple and advanced ecommerce sites that integrate with powerful inventory and booking systems.

Designed with your own branding

The design and page structures work well across all browsers and devices. They can be modified to fit any brand and design. You are also welcome to use our tried and tested design templates as they come out of the box.

Ultra fast and mobile optimized

Our front end is very lightweight and responsive so it works extremely well on mobile devices and tablets. With advanced techniques and caching the customers will experience lightning speed, especially on mobile devices. Some of our clients see over 70% of conversions take place on mobile devices.

Robust and scalable hosting

The solution is hosted in Amazon’s cloud server (AWS) making it ultra reliable and secure. We make sure to compress images before they are stored on the server and serve through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) so customers from around the world don’t experience slow network connections and loading times.

Create an engaging blog

Share your knowledge and expertise through the blog section. A good blog can be a key to drive traffic and increase exposure for your website and business.

Self service to manage bookings

Authentication for the customer to manage their bookings, change dates, cancel etc.

Online marketing and search engine optimization

The solution is highly optimized for search engine ranking and tracking of online marketing.

Search engine optimized

The CMS is designed for SEO so all page attributes are customizable, we also expose the product data as json-ld helping search engines understand the products better.

Content marketing

The CMS also comes with user management and blogging features allowing you to create insightful and engaging content to drive traffic to your website.

Enhanced analytics and conversion tracking

Tight integration with Google analytics enhanced ecommerce and Facebook campaign tracking. The combination of using a data layer and google tag manager allows for integrations to other tracking tools.