Oribi Gorge & Lake Eland Reserve
Adventure Day Tour

This day tour offers a visit to the beautiful landscape of Lake Eland in the Oribi Gorge Reserve as well as a thrilling adventure of Zip Lining above the gorge or taking a Wild Swing into the gorge! .

The tour starts from Durban heading 100 km down the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal to Oribi Gorge Reserve and Lake Eland. Oribi Gorge has become famous for its thrilling adventure attractions that lure national and international tourists looking for a thrilling adventure in an amazing natural setting.

In Oribi our first attraction is Leopard’s Rock. Perched on the top of a rocky incline, Leopard’s Rock offers spectacular views of the Mzimkhulu river that runs through the gorge.

From there were move to the thrilling ‘Wild Swing or Slide’. Ranked as the highest swing in the world with a fall that equals a jump off a 50-floors building. Operated by Wild 5 Adventures, their adrenalin pumping swing jump can reach a speed of 100 km on the fall, the Swing has turned into one of South Africa’s most popular “Swing” adventure activities. This activity is at your own expense.

For those tourists looking for something less intense, the Zip Line is perfect for enjoying the gorge from high. Located 165m above the tree line, enjoy the spectacular view whilst sitting comfortable harnessed to the zip line.

The tour includes a visit to the longest suspended foot bridge in the South Africa. At 84m long, 2m wide and 100m high, the suspension bridge is an exhilarating walk for tourists offering beautiful views of Lehr’s Waterfall and Oribi Gorge.


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